“Quality over quantity!” A talk with Luanna of Le-Happy

“Quality over quantity!”

New York based fashion photographer Christina Emilie loves to travel, discovering new coffeshops and baking. In her newest serie she met influental blogger Luanna of Le-Happy. With over 2 million instagram followers this girl plans more and is working on her first fashion line.


What do you think about first thing in the morning?

Where is my coffee and why is it so bright.

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Motivated but indecisive, open minded, alert and very respectful.

You have over 2 millions instagram follower. How did that come about?

I have had a blog since 2010 and had a stable following base that visited my blog on a regular basis. When Instagram happened I made sure my followers knew they could find me there. And yeah – then it just kept growing. I honestly never imagined it would get this big, haha I even used my date of birth in my username because I thought it would be just another app!

Why do you think instagram so “important” nowadays?

It is important because it helps us connect and see what is happening in the rest of the world in a very intimate way. Even by just learning what a girl from certain country eats, instagram has helped people to be more aware and understand others opinions. It´s a good place to voice any matter of concern and have a rich dialogue not only in words but in pictures.



“I am launching my new collection this February and my motto is Quality over quantity!”


Can you tell us about your upcoming clothing line?

I am launching my new collection this February. It is streetwear inspired and consists of five different pieces all made in a family owned workshop in Peru. I went all the way there and followed the whole process until the limited pieces were given to me. Everything was made of top quality 100% peruvian cotton. Quality over quantity!

If you would not work for a year, what would you do?

Travel to as many places as possible with my boyfriend.

How many people do you truly love? What are you doing for them?

I can count them with the fingers on my hand, but that is because I am a little introvert and give too much of myself to those I truly love.



“I love that Brooklyn is way less noisy and chaotic. It´s the perfect hybrid between a busy city and a calm one where you can find so many creatives.”


What are you most grateful for?

I am grateful for everything life has given me! Specially the fact that I was able to take opportunities instead of turning my back to them. I’m so grateful for the bad things in my life too, because they have helped shaped me and be who I am, motivated and very critical.

Favorite Food? Thai food

Favorite Movie? Gone girl

Favorite Actor? So many. Currently into Miles Teller and Joel Edgerton

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Living in my Brooklyn apartment and growing my brand

What do you love about Brooklyn?

Love that Brooklyn is way less noisy and chaotic. It´s the perfect hybrid between a busy city and a calm one where you can find so many creatives. Gotta love my concerts and bars in the area.









Photography by Christina Emilie – www.christinaemilie.com – Instagram | @christinaemiliephoto
Model: Luanna of Le-Happy