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Hot Summer Days

Enjoy the warm feeling of the Melbourne location, gorgeous Aiyana Alexander and an impressive blue sky. Photographed by Kamilla Musland with styling by Via Zen and make-up and hair done by Tiffany Love. Aiyana is with Scene Model Management.

“After completing my degree in photography in December I’ve been working my lil butt off with photography, interning and two jobs on the side (got to earn dem dolladollabills).” tells Kamilla “I shot this series at the start of February on a beach in Melbourne called Williamstown, it was one of those extremely hot summer days and the sweat moustache was strong on my upper lip. I usually tend to get inspired right when I’m about to fall asleep so this shoot has probably been described very weirdly in the notes on my phone. I draw inspiration from everything around me, from women I admire, people I meet, pretty things I see on instagram as well as the big word wide web.”


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Photography: Kamilla Musland – www.kamillamusland.com – @kamillamusland
Stylist: Via Zen – via-zen.com – @via.zen
HMUA: Tiffany Love – www.tiffanylovemakeup.com
Model: Aiyana Alexander @ Scene Model Management – www.scenemodels.com/models/melbourne/aiyana – @aiyanaalexander  of @scenemodelmanagement