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Northbound – A film about skateboarding on frozen sand

“Skateboarders are used to going out of their comfort zone and they’re always eager to try new things. That´s why they are so good at skateboarding, and why they love to be a part of these kinds of projects.” Jørn Nyseth Ranem

Filmmaker, director and skateboarder Jørn Nyseth Ranem’s followed his dream of creating a skateboard film staged on a frozen beach surrounded by high mountains and amazing waves. Together with the 4 skaters Hermann Stene, Didrik Galasso, Henrik Lund and Karsten Kleppan they head north to the cold Norwegian coast, applying their urban skills to a wild canvas of beach flotsam, frozen sand and pastel skies. So impressive! Produced by Turbin Film.

See more information on northboundfilm.com
Read interview with Jørn Nyseth Ranem on Vimeo