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“TWO” A series about the two sides to every person

Lindsey L33´s new series focuses on the two sides to every person— young and old, happy and sad, angelic and evil. The one and the other.

“My new series “TWO” is referring to two eyes with two colors and two sides of the personality. The idea is the eyes are representative of the emotional experience that’s constantly happening under the surface.” she explains. “As humans, we are constantly living within the binary world of emotion, and oftentimes it’s difficult to even access how we are feeling. This series is meant to illustrate that you never have to choose between one side because you will always naturally be both.”






a photo series by @LINDSEYL33photos
featuring @giannacalacool @leahgoodrichh @elleflorescu @highkeisha @thejuliewierd
@asiabiddle @sim1nstagram @zoetrungale @ay_lil_j @stephielao @nerddolly