“Teen Heartthrob”

There is something about this city. Creative director Tony Francis of DiePoseurs!”  and photographer Olivia Eutsler teamed up to capture the vision of making Louis Celano, a Y2K inspired teen heartthrob. Olivia´s work always spills a touch of grunge of the 90’s kids, street photography and youth rebellion. All shot in the art district of Baltimore city. 


img_9445 img_9568 img_9581 photo-apr-02-2-23-46-pm photo-apr-02-2-23-52-pm photo-apr-02-2-23-54-pm photo-apr-02-2-23-57-pm photo-apr-02-2-24-06-pm photo-apr-02-2-24-09-pm

Creative Direction by: Tony Francis
Photographer: Olivia Eutsler
Model: Louis Celano


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