A French Lovestory ‘17

Love is what happens
when all you do is feel.

Lack of Color’s new collection of hats are inspired by carefree European sun-lit days, but are designed for a multitude of occasions, to take you from day to night, ocean to snow and chilly adventures to sun-kissed afternoons with ease. The wonderful campaign is shot by Brydie Mack in Chevreuse, France.

Having a keen interest in aesthetics and in particular, beautiful architecture, Australian label Lack of Color wanted to encapsulate the endearment of Him & Her – capturing the love-story between two, lounging in the solitude and bliss of each other – without a care in the world. To bring this to life, they travelled to Villa Goupil, located in Chevreuse, France designed by famed architect Jacques Couelle. The chemistry between Him & Her oozing off the pages as they adventure through the French countryside together – tempting you to buy a one-way ticket to a secluded paradise with your lover. Come and get lost in the romanticism of “A French Lovestory”…


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Photographer: Brydie Mack – wolfcubchronicles.com
Models: Caroline Corinth – /www.instagram.com/carolinecorinth
Fred Scahill – www.instagram.com/fredscahill
Stylist: Tess Corvaia – www.instagram.com/tessic
Makeup: Cyril Laine – www.cyril-laine.fr
Video: Robert Tilbury – robtilbury.com.au


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