Ceca is everything

caught by her eyes
she was made of magic

Belgrade based photographer Ivana Dzamic debuts on C-Heads with a truly inspiring portrait series starring gorgeous Ceca. Make-up done by Ana Perisic.

“Ever since I started doing photography (which was almost 9 years ago), I knew I wanted my photos to have a vintage look. Most of my inspiration comes from meeting people, mostly women. There is a certain thing about women’s aesthetic that corresponds really well with what I want to say throughout my photography. Women can be both fragile and strong at the same time and with no doubt conquer the world. I think that is what I want people to see and feel looking at my photographs.” Ivana explains.

“I was instantly drawn to working with my model Ceca, because her beauty is timeless. We were shooting at my apartment in Belgrade, and the light was absolutely amazing that day. We were going for that Brigitte Bardot look and the way she brought a little bit of her in the photographs got me thinking about past times. Back then, beauty was more state of mind and confidence and less a state of likes and comments.

Nothing of this would be possible without the help of my awesome makeup artist Ana, that really gave that soft, vintage makeover to Ceca. The three of us were at our best that day and I wouldn’t have been able to make this series without them. I guess that’s the true meaning of having a dream team around you.” Definitely it is.


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Ivana Dzamic – Photographer
Makeup Artist – Ana Perisic www.instagram.com/annie_lolla
Model- Ceca www.instagram.com/cecazivojinovic
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