Exploring Downtown Los Angeles

Veronika Stealz shares some personal tips for cool places and things to do in Los Angeles with us. And as a sideline and in a series by Grant Spanier shows us how sexy she is. If you want to know more about the wild model read our interview here.

“This set is what happens when your neighbor from the north, i.e. Toronto/Canda, visits the West Coast, i.e. Los Angeles/California. Smoke a joint, grab some film, and wander downtown… or so the ol’ adage goes, I think? Regardless, that’s what we did — explored DTLA and found some good light and had some good times.”

all shot on film in Los Angeles, California



Favourite place for a coffee:

Ein Beitrag geteilt von ALFRED (@alfred) am

Alfred in the Alley

or COFAX on Fairfax.

Alfred for the aesthetic and cold brew on tap, COFAX for the breakfast burrito and good shopping.

A great thing to do:
Pick up some Cali weed, make your way to IN N OUT and check out the LA Smog from Griffith Observatory.

Friday nights
you can find me in West Hollywood or Silverlake. But a perfect Friday night for me would be a chill night in with friends with a side of Veggie Grill.

Next travel stop: I leave for the Caribbean on the 22nd. I fly into San Juan, Puerto Rico for a few days before leaving for At Maarten, St Kitts, St Thomas, St Lucia and Barbados.


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photo + direction: @grantspanier
model + styling: Veronika @veronikastealz