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“Show me something natural”

Gorgeous Amber sparkles in the newest C-Heads Exclusive series by Belgian photographer Lukas Martin.

You might know the sentence “Show me something natural” out of the lyrics of Kendrick Lamar´s song Humble. And he is right. For decades in advertising or fashion photography people were getting photoshopped off every pore, bruces, stretchmarks, birthmarks that one is often no longer accustomed to seeing natural pictures. But we can´t say it often enough: We are so sick of that! There is nothing more beautiful than what nature does.

“Amber was disappointed by a previous shoot where her photos were clearly retouched. And she said to me ‘I don’t really recognize myself’.” Lukas talks about the series. “For me that was a motivation to make my photos as pure as possible and to see art in what others see as flaws. We did the shoot at Amber’s place as I prefer to shoot the models in their own environment; for me it really adds even more ‘reality’ to the photo.” Thanks Amber and Lukas <3


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Photography by Lukas Martin www.instagram.com/lukasmartin
Model is Amber – www.instagram.com/sick.lilninja