Spring princess.

“The weather has been unfashionably chilly lately in Rome but me and a friend came up with a little shooting, mostly inspired by out shared envy of the people posting photos from the super sunny fields of Coachella.” Having just counted snowflakes a few days ago we can really feel what you are saying, Kimberley! The currently Rome/ Milan based photographer Kimberley Ross debuts with her first editorial-style shooting, starring cute model Katarina Odynok, and we couldn´t be happier to see it on C-Heads! Roberta Martino was assisting the shoot.


kr-katarina-coachella-01 kr-katarina-coachella-02 kr-katarina-coachella-03 kr-katarina-coachella-05 kr-katarina-coachella-06 kr-katarina-coachella-09 kr-katarina-coachella-15 kr-katarina-coachella-16 kr-katarina-coachella-22 kr-katarina-coachella-23 kr-katarina-coachella-26 kr-katarina-coachella-27 kr-katarina-coachella-29 kr-katarina-coachella-32 kr-katarina-coachella-33 kr-katarina-coachella-34 kr-katarina-coachella-35 kr-katarina-coachella-37 kr-katarina-coachella-38

photography & styling: Kimberley Ross
model: Katarina Odynoka
assistant: Roberta Martino
dress: h&m,
velvet choker: brandy & melville
sunglasses: vintage