The Purity of the flowers

Playful and dreamy. Affectionate and romantic. Lights and shadows. Intimacy and femininity. Angie López´s work is an ode to the woman drawn through the light.

Angie López is a 25 year young photographer and visual artist, originally born in the Dominican Republic, but has settled down in Barcelona more than 10 years ago. She studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and has always been clear about the fact that her passion was photography. In the recent years she has developed a more personal and intimate style, where the main theme is the body. In her current series “The Purity of the flowers” Angie plays with femininity and flowers featuring the three girls Maty, Laura and Carla. “We are three girls united by the art. We are very different but together we are kind of united and give each one something fantastic to the world.”


Photographer: Angie López @angiecouple
Models: Laura @lauradegrinyo / Maty @matychevriere / Carla @carla_guetta