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Special Edition Issue #34 Digital Edition

Our „Special Edition“, to celebrate our 10th anniversary, is now finally available as digital download.

Special Edition Issue #34 Digital Edition $6.90 (net) 162 pages
Cover featuring Jena Goldsack by Cameron Hammond


you seem so strange to me.
But with every step,
you close up on me.

Exclusive Editorials / Photography / Poems and Stories by Amos Haley, Jena Goldsack by Cameron Hammond, Jessica Wall by Delta Element, Anna Durdova by Jonathan Leder, Justin Amoafo, Marisa Papen by Jörg Billwitz, Matilda Price by Quang Do, Mélizanne Bergeron by Rupert LaMontagne, Joanna Bojda by Servan-Edern Ilyne, Germana Stella, Théo Gosselin, Ludovica De Gaudenzi, Vanessa Matic & Austin Roque and Vanessa Silva Miranda

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