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Lost Away – A series about go away and get lost by Frank van Bennekom

The serie “Lost Away” is all about the moment you wanna go away, disappear and get lost. When you want to feel free and want to forget your shit at home, and drive or fly away, far far far away to destination unknown, finding your inner freedom, where all your dreams may come true.

Capturing moments and creating memories in life that stands for that feeling, that will stay forever, certainly because life passes by so quickly. These moments or memories stand for little breaks in life, where you can collect that feeling over and over again by watching them shamelessly for hours, where dreams come true, where you feel Lost Away.

Go away
Get Lost
Feel free

I love to go away and get lost,
Capturing moments where I feel free,
Finding places that give me inner peace,
and happiness,
Having a break in life,
Where thoughts and concerns are gone,
Where I can dream for hours,
I’m Lost Away

words and images by www.instagram.com/frankvanbennekom