Light and shadows

Lights and Shadow Plays. Gorgeous Jessica describes herself as a night owl, Halloween enthusiast and hopeless romantic.

“After two years at VauHaus Agency, Jessica Saffron‘s modelling interests and confidence are soaring; she has become the ideal person to work with. Jessica takes on a new challenge every time we shoot, and has been influencing the direction of larger creative projects at the agency.” talks photographer Toria Brightside. “Everyone who has given this girl a chance has seen that she is multifaceted. Her goals in the near future are to create more body-confidence inspired work, and to hear from creatives in London who would like to work with her on the VauHaus tour from 14th-16th June.” she continues. “For this series we were inspired by Manchester’s summer nights, which are transforming the creative spirit of the city after the winter. We all live in apartments; the setting sun lights and warms up our rooms. Nobody has to wear as many clothes or turn as many lamps on, and we can shoot long into the night.” Makeup done by Beth Anderson. Wardrobe by Bluebella Lingerie and Missguided.


Photographer @toriabrightside
Model @jessicaasaffron from @vauhausagency
Makeup @bethsmakeup
Wardrobe @bluebellaofficial & @missguided