Stefan Trotman teamed up with stunning Tahiry Bah. Creative Directon by Bry Jones of Riot Jones. Make-up done by Ashley Victoria. Tahiry is wearing crochet pieces by Kyria Smith of My Timee Machine and sunglasses by Shanka.


“Instead of just bringing back a t-shirt or coffee mug from my first visit to New York, I wanted to create a moment. Walking through the chilly, congested and cool streets of Chinatown is now something that I’ll never forget! I anticipated a modern day Pam Grier, with a full fro and curves on the side for this concept and Tahiry served it on a hot platter. All of the creatives involved contributed to the production of an awesome photo set and my first trip to NY will always be remembered as nothing less than magic.” Bry Jones


Creative Director: Bry Jones of Riot Jones instagram/com/riotjonesmgmt
Model: Tahiry Bah
Photographer: Stefan Trotman
MUA: Ashley Victoria
Crochet Pieces: Kyria Smith of My Timee Machine
Sunglasses: Shanka