Sweet and sunny Malibu hours

The world is a measureless ocean.

Malibu reminds us of the sweet and sunny hours. Sparkling sand under the feet. The dangling of the soul. Marco Leonardi teamed up with cutie Jemma strolling around the beach. The Australian model is wearing Memoric Apparel.

“For many days I had Miley Cyrus’s song “Malibu” in my head and was thinking about doing a shooting in Malibu, since I’m in LA and I haven’t shot there yet. So I teamed up with Mario Apuzzo, a young and talented stylist, and we just went for it. And with the simple instructions given by me:”Do whatever you want” the images turned out just as I imagined them before. With such a girl, place and light how can’t you take amazing photos?”


Photography by Marco Leonardi
model: @jemjellies
style: @memoricapparel