Eileen, Fah and Tanya in Bangkok and Bali

The best things come in threes. In three different session French photographer Max Passadore captured models Eileen, Fah and Tanya in Bali and Bangkok. A wanderlust grabs us.


Eileen of Balistarz in Bali


Fah in Bangkok

“My name is Premsinee Sawangkla, but my friends call me Fah.” is what the 23-year old model who was born in Bangkok starts to tell about herself. And that besides working as a model she is still studying and loves performance arts, fashion & music. ” I have been living in Thailand my whole life. I love Bangkok because it is a mesmerizing city. There is so much variety of culture, one braided to the other and you can feel like you have traveled the world without even having left the city. It is pure home for me. There is a fine balance between luxury and local simplicity.”


Tanya in Bangkok at the W Bangkok Hotel

“Born in Moscow I plan to study social anthropology of South East Asian region that is why I feel lucky to stay in Thailand and study the culture in real life already and by myself.” explains Tanya and enthuses over Bangkok. “The city has a unique lifestyle and has a lot to offer and it´s great to discover things such as traditional Thai pottery or basketry.”