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The sky was orange. Erica Candice by Cory Vanderploeg

Cory Vanderploeg has gained a lot of experience in the film industry, and this is clearly reflected in his photographs. The cinematic mood result from luminous colors, dramatic contrasts and a lively storytelling atmosphere. Starring Erica Candice at Click/Request Models New York.

‘This series, like most of my work, is about simplicity. Anything more than just Erica, a camera, and myself would have been overkill. We shot for 1 hour on a deserted beach while the sun rose and changed from pink, to orange, to blue. Erica’s effortlessness meshed perfectly with the changing hues of the sky and the soft sunlight breaking over the horizon. When we wrapped I took one last photo while the beach filled with the Egrets, the local bird.’


photographer – Cory Vanderploeg – @coryphoto – www.coryvanderploeg.com
model – Erica Candice at Click/Request models new york – @ericacandice