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We are part of nature

There are days you want to plunk down everything. Leave your old life behind to free yourself from the fetters of society. The obligations. The routine. The eternal cycle. The hated system that divides people into rich and poor. Into winners and losers. At the expense of the environment, the animals, the people and the earth.

“This is the story of a person (any of us) who would love to experience the natural world as it exists without any human interference. While this person values human interaction, but also wants to avoid what is seen as the traps of “normal” life. It’s a cry rejecting the daily routine, materialism, crowds and conventionalism.” explains photographer Willy Villacorta. “There is a progression in that plot thread; the main character of the story, Marisa Papen, is stripped of the only material she has (clothes), to integrate with nature and be part of it. She doesn’t care about nothing but being part of nature. It is her desire to make a big change to her life. She is an animal, she is a plant, she is the air, she is water … she feels alive again. The thought provoking question is: Are you part of nature or are you apart from it?

The series is shot on Digital Camera, 35mm and MobilePhone

Photography by Willy Villacorta  / Film by Juanjo Smar / Model is Marisa Papen / Stylist: Roxane Mercerat / Make-up/Hair by: Miquel Cristobal


Photography by Willy Villacorta. Website: www.willyvillacorta.com. IG. willyvillacorta
Film by Juanjo Smart. Website: www.juanjosmart.com
Model is Marisa Papen. Website: www.marisapapen.com
Stylist: Roxane Mercerat. Website: www.roxanemercerat.com. IG. roxanemercerat
MUAH: Miquel Cristobal. Website: www.miquelcristobal.es. IG. miquelcristobal