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Real magic with Claudia and Olivia in Bali

Brazilian but currently Bali based photographer Olivia Nachle debuts on C-Heads with this incredible stunning and super special series starring beauty Claudia Thompson. Shot in Bali at the Villa Pemutih. Claudia is wearing clothes by Rocky Rafaela.

“It happens all the time: People come to Bali and they fall in love with the energy of this island and what was supposed to last one month end up being 3, 6 or 12 months. It happened to Claudia and to me as well.” explains Olivia. “We were both swept up in the flowing river energy that is so tangible here. Bali has real magic and in some moments you are left with no doubt as to the beauty of this life. One of those magical moments was when Claudia and me met first. Everything clicked with minimum effort, we had this amazing villa available where everything was already set up, she had this beauty and some beautiful pieces with her and I had my camera. We didn’t need anything else.

We spent this wonderful morning chasing light, feeling all the feminine power that being with other women can bring and being grateful for all that flow. Deep inside we knew: everything was exactly how it was supposed to be. In Bali, it happens all the time…”


photo: Olivia Nachle @olivianachle
model: Claudia Thompson @claudiathompsonx
location: Villa Pemutih @villa_pemutih
clothes: Rocky Rafaela @rockyrafaela