Mati by Shaira Luna for C-Heads

“A Fool Such As I” – “A couple of years ago, during one of my usual thrift-shopping runs, I came across a box filled with Playboy magazines from the 60’s to the 90’s.” Photographer Shaira Luna smiles. “I purchased everything, and have since been fascinated by the style and photography in them. The thought of shooting something inspired by those staged photo sets always lingered in my head, and it was only a matter of coming across the right girl to play the part. Beautiful Mati Shaw, a sweet and free-spirited true California gal, was perfect for the role of a music fangirl who gets her heart broken.” Let´s follow their cinematic and dreamy adventures into the past. Make-up done by Xeng Zulueta and hair by Mong Amado.


Photography & styling: Shaira Luna @shairaluna
Model: Mati Shaw @matishaw
Make-up: Xeng Zulueta @xengzulueta
Hair: Mong Amado @mongamado