C-Heads Print
Lumière – A series by Stefan Fröhlich

Soft lights, bells and flowers everywhere – flourishing or dried – and in the center of it: muse Maria.

“That’s why I love shooting models in their own space. The comfort, trouble-free and authentic vibe is tangible.” tells photographer Stefan Fröhlich about his newest C-Heads exclusive series starring Maria. “Is there a better way to spend a rainy afternoon in Berlin than with an easy going, natural beauty joking around, getting inspired by all the awesome quirks in her flat and personality and just enjoying the moment? I doubt it.” We too.


Photographer: Stefan Fröhlich – www.stefanfroehlich-photography.com – IG: @stefan_froehlich
Model: Maria  – www.mariakn.com – IG: @mariaknmodel
Assistent: Peter Baumann – IG: @monophoness
Wardrobe: Asos, Passionata, Jaded London, Vintage1968