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Again – a short film capturing the power of love


Barcelona based photographer Aran Martínez and filmmaker Javier Zarza have just come out with an intense short film titled “Again” narrating the power of love. Enjoy the exclusive premiere on C-Heads.

“Our idea was to create a video that shows the power of love and how we fall in love again and again, no matter what happened in the past. And how as you gain good or bad experiences, you value and understand more those little everyday things and moments that make connections richer and extraordinary.” Aran explains. “We also felt the need of giving hope for people who are broken, and try to make them understand and see that even if it seems impossible now, time helps everyone to overcome obstacles and surrender to love again.
So we started looking for real couples who wanted to demonstrate their feelings and passion, and be part of this short film. It took us 6 months since we came up with the idea, to look for people, record, get someone to help us with the words, the voice and the music, until we finally edit it.”


Production – Aran Martínez
Filmed and Editing – Javier Zarza
Stylism & Casting – Aran Martínez
Script – Marta Mas
Voice-over – Bethany Pendleton
Music – Álvaro Migueza  & Nacho Rodríguez
Cast in order of appearence:
Gabriela Pacheco + Ruben Vaquero
Mireia Sarabia + Adrià Montejano
Bibiana Cristina + Borja Canadell
Patricia de Lafuente + Olayemi Alaran
Flors Admella + Denisse Sandoval
Gemma Escalera + Marc Álvarez
Marta Aragones + Arnau Tamayo