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Kaleos Eyehunters new eyewear collection inspired by nature


Nature always
reveals for those
who can see it

As long as there will be eyes to behold it, there is an open book in front of us: Nature. Blind minds aren’t absorbed by its various shapes and outlines as they don’t know where to look for. They can’t see the forest for the trees. This ridge of bonds and connections fulfills the onlooker with its wonders. Someone endowed with a sublime soul could perceive and grasp the inner nature. Others won’t bother with the point of perception: the taste for points of view is given to very fews.

Kaleos Eyehunters is an eyewear brand from Barcelona. Their newest Conservatory collection juxtaposes nature, the essential, the organic, the good, with humanity, evolution and growth. In this way the purest designs of essential beauty are highlighted with exuberant touches that shine through their form and delicacy. It is a collection of constant contrasts.

“We have crafted this collection with acetates in organic tones evoked by wood, vegetation and earth as seen in the Havanas range, brown tones, spots and greens accompanied by lenses that combine “ton sur ton” with the main color of the frame. Irregular chromatic touches such as glitter and mirrored lenses maintain the collection’s theme of variation. All these elements combine to make each piece a unique and exquisite creation.”