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Track premiere: Mar releases “Place” out of forthcoming EP “Things Will Be”


“‘Things Will Be’ is a soundtrack to experience when one is alone. Soothing and rich, like a glass of red wine, Mar exudes an effortlessly magical sense of being. Press play and find your peace.”

Amsterdam raised artist Mar releases the first track out of his forthcoming EP Things Will Be. And Place feels just perfect for a soothing end of the day, transmitting a calming sensation full of melancholy and hope at the same time. Surrounded by music from a young age and making music together with his dad, mum and sister, he has always been deeply connected to music and rhythm and uses it also a process of coming to terms with the past. Things Will Be deals with of abandonment and loneliness, with coming to terms about his fathers´death. We press play and drift of to a place of serenity.

EP: ‘Things Will Be’
Single ‘Place’ Released: Oct 5th
EP Released: Nov 23rd
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