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“ELLES”#1 – Mylène: The wild freedom


We are kicking off a new exclusive series called “ELLES” (plural of « she » in french) created by French artist Pauline Gallot. The young creative soul travels around through countries and cities and she meets a lot of interesting different people.

“This series is about some inspiring girls who crossed my way. They are artist, travelers, self-contractor. But most of all they are young, they are free and today´s generation. And I always shot in special environments that give a poetical vision to the sets.”


Mylène: The wild freedom.

She could be like one of those plants that we come across the trail edges.
Lifeful, wild, displaying often pretty pink or purple colored flowers, seemingly resisting to all sorts of trials. Not dreading either cold, or heat. She is here and there, and one way or another she will stay everlastingly there.

I couldn’t really tell what, but something within Mylène touched me.
Maybe in her eyes. In her stare, there is simultaneously force and 8-year-old mischief.
Maybe this particular wisdom that emanates from her. Gentle, sweet which immediately inspires trust. Maybe her life journey or like mine, her taste in adventure, in others and travels. It is one of those beautiful souls to be deported here and there along her growth.

Born in Le Mans and raised in Paris, France, at age 11 the little flower was uprooted. Second nursery, Bratislava, Slovakia. She then crossed the Atlantic to be replanted where it is warmer all year long, much more south: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The beautiful learned to grow there, to discover new languages. New cultures. Seizing her strength from the people that surround her, she will grow until becoming a beautiful plant.
Around the world, she traces her path in her own particular way. Student in arts, then in fashion in Paris, she became a fashion designer intern for Citizen K magazine and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. London calls her next, then Florence in Italy to finish her studies and continue her fresh new fashion designer life. A light breeze again and there she is, in blink of an eye in Bangkok. Backpacker on the roads of Australia, shepherdess in Tasmania and now surfing in Hossegor in the south-west of France near the ocean.

She plants her seeds where she thinks best. It is like the soil of the whole earth would be fertile to her. Her smile, her strength and will to live. Mylène is an inspiration for all and that is what probably attracted me. Mylène is pretty, Mylène is 29 years old, Mylène is 12 years old, Mylène has no age. She is part of those wild flowers, free, lifeful that we like to call Everlasting.

Zumaia, Pais Vasco, Spain.
Text and pictures by Pauline Gallot