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Anna in Paris
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Video-Link: https://youtu.be/PVbgDz3StSA

11th October. Paris.
This is Anna.
So free even the camera can´t change her.
She is a very unique creature.
The gap between her childish behaviour and her old soul is huge.
You can feel it straight away.
A living reminder to how those who created us ment for us to live.
Free as a child.
Anna reminds people, how to take off those shells, they grew with age.
And how beautiful the people are without them.
The Universe loves those creatures.
It turns them to Icons.

“I believe my footage is a window through to the person I chose to work with.” Sasha Prilutsky, photographer and co-owner at DVISION studio, teamed up with muse Anna Sholohova who is with UpModels Paris, and together they went to ground in the Paris underground, streets and clubs with the soundtrack of Sofi Tukker – Matadora in her head. Created by DVISION.