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“On the other side” A series by Tiffany Roubert

28 years old French photographer Tiffany Roubert who is currently living in London recently returned from her trips around the world bringing back her memories on absolutely stunning images. No matter where in the world everywhere you can find breathtaking scenery reminding us about the unbelievable beauty and strength of nature we are surrounded by and by exploring what is out there we always also find the essence of ourselves. In the case of Tiffany that essence is: “A photographer, a traveller and a free spirit.”

“Cracks on the road under the scorching sun. My vision could span for miles ahead without encountering any obstacle. That apparently sterile landscape felt so friendly to me. Like a land of endless opportunities, ready to get caught on camera. Over the course of my journey, I got to experience the contrasts of nature: the humidity of the jungle in Iguazu, cloaking my skin in moisture, the rugged and silent beauty of the glaciers of Santa Cruz, the silky texture of the sand in Ecuador and the placid majesty of British Columbia and its lakes.

Taking in all these new subjects, forms and colours always gives me a jolt of enthusiasm and a thrill of eagerness that remind me why I am there and why I do this. It’s about my life passion at its best and liveliest: travelling, exploring, collecting experiences in a digital box of crystalised memories. All that reminds me of a dual-purpose mission on a daily basis: being aligned with the very essence of what I love and who I really am, a photographer, a traveller and a free spirit.”


Photography by Tiffany Roubert – tiffanyroubert.com / @tiffanyroubert