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“Familiar Feelings”

“Familiar Feelings” is a beautiful series exploring emotions you feel when you first start dating someone. Starring Renata Collado photographed by Victoria Lemus.

“I’d like for these photos capture a feeling that you’ve felt before. Where they can take you to a place of familiarity, whether it is in the past, present or future.

This story is all about feelings – raw emotions that you feel when you first start dating someone. You’re letting yourself feel but at the same time you’re fighting back those feelings because you’ve been there before and you have all these questions: Do they think about you? Are they being honest? Are they staying?

The stakes are high- you could get hurt, it’s your heart that’s on the line.

We’ll see.”


Model: Renata Collado @renatacollado  www.instagram.com/renatacollado
Photographer: Victoria Lemus  – instagram.com/victorialemmus
Location: Los Angeles