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“Everyday when I wake up I’m thankful for the place where I am.” A talk with Ania Augustynowicz

“Im focused on my goals and I’m not forcing myself to do things which I don’t want to. “

She’s young, beautiful and has traveled the world modeling for some of the biggest brands and companies you could think of. But now, she is on the path to live out her real dream… graphic design and illustration. (Well, really all art… because she’s incredible at it all.) Of course, she works damn hard at all she puts herself to. She has discipline and a love for adventure that everyone should have in life; seriously, it’s an inspiring level. So here you go, be prepared to fall in love with and meet the lovely Polish lady with the warmest heart… Miss Ania Augustynowicz.

words and interview by Maya Kibbel


You grew up in Malbork then moved to Warsaw at a young age in July 2017 to work full time, as well as study. How was the transition of moving out from your home and hometown to become a model? 

Actually, I had already moved out from Malbork, during my first trip abroad, when I started to work as model. That was my trip to lovely Japan in 2015 when I just turned 18. Since then I had been living out of my suitcase and working full time and I became a “guest” in my parent’s house. The reason I moved to Warsaw was, first of all to start my university and secondly, to I know how it is, to try out the “taste” of living in Warsaw. That was huge change after moving from place to place, several times during even one month. I was excited about the new experiences. I needed a change and of course; I wanted to focus on friends, family, learning how to live in one place without getting bored and doing several different things than modeling. 
It was hard at the beginning. I couldn’t find myself and I felt disorganized all the time. But after a couple of weeks I taught myself all those things and I kind of fell in love with this kind of life. I love to be surrounded by closest friends, in the city I truly love.

You can be seen in campaigns and magazines around the world now, how soon did you start working and living abroad? 

After my first contract I came back to Poland, I passed my final exams (I was finishing my senior year in high school), and straight after that I started to work abroad, barely coming back home.

What drove you to become a full time artist? Has it always been your love or something you discovered recently? Also, what do you prefer, graphic design or illustrations. (… or painting?)

Since I was a child, art was part of my life. It has always been in my head. But I’ve never had time to do it as a “full time job.” I am the kind of person who has a lot of interests and hobbies, so I can easily start something and when I feel satisfied I just leave it. But in general, I would call it (art) love from long ago. In the end, since ever, art is part of my life. And I’ve never totally left art. I get a feeling that I won’t ever do so. I attended some drawing classes when I was in kindergarten till primary school. Then I had break, for dancing. I used to dance for 6 years. After that, my love to drawing came back immediately. I had plans to continue it in Fine Art University. But then, totally unexpectedly, modeling appeared in my life. I was too fascinated about this one and I stopped with art for a while again. And then, one day, somewhere abroad when I was on my modeling contract I had serious conversation with my really good friend about my future. I was wondering what I would want to do, and which activity would make me happy. Then I realized that art is my cup of tea. I made plans, I figured out steps that I should do to have more skills and confidence in that field. So now I’m in Graphic Design University. I’m still looking for my style, the way to express myself the best way. For now I feel that illustrations and collages are my thing. Also painting is good way to chill out my brain and body.


“We can’t waste our time to complain about daily routine. There’s no time for that! If we don’t like it we should take steps to change it.”


Are there any misconceptions others perceive of Poland, Polish culture, or Polish people that you frequently hear people say? How would you personally describe your country and your culture?

During my traveling I’ve heard a lot of things, which are not true about Poland. For example that Poland is part of Russia (laughs). But mostly it´s being said that Polish people are the cutest and the kindest which is really nice to hear! Also that us Polish people have such a positive energy. Personally I would not agree with that. We always complain if something is really good or when something is really bad. But it’s in general like that I guess.

That being said, has any Polish culture influenced your art, or has it limited you in anyway?

As I mentioned before, I am still developing my art. But I am inspired by many Polish illustrators and Polish posters that are in a really high level. I can definitely feel proud about how many good artist we do have (and had) in Poland.


image by Piotr Czyz

“Everyday when I wake up I’m thankful for the place where I am. I know it could be worse, and I know that I’m in really good position.”


Your artistry is rapidly growing and your skill is undeniable. If you could name only 3 inspirations, who or what would they be?

Thank you so much! You are being so lovely and motivating!

I’m taking inspirations from places I visit, that’s for sure. It’s maybe more about experience. Also I was always inspired by Picasso and Dali. I love art work from the time when Picasso used to do simple, one line drawing. As well cubism, surrealism and Dadaism. I’m following on-going artists, top illustrators, who are my main inspiration right now.

As a model / world traveler I can only imagine the beauty you’ve seen. Have any of those beauties around the world inspired your art?

Definitely Spain! I love the culture, language, lifestyle. I think that affected my artwork the most. My dream is to live there and have my own studio there with a lot of sun and Sangria (laughs).


“I am still developing my art. But I am inspired by many Polish illustrators which are on a really high level. I can definitely feel proud of how many good artist we have (and had) in Poland.”


You also do a lot of incredible portraits, especially of those close to you. (I’m lucky enough to have two by you) So does your inspiration come from all the sights and people you’ve seen around the world or is it just a thing that comes to you in a certain moment?

Lately, I’m doing mostly portraits. I feel most confident in that. I want to experiment a little bit, which goes with dadaism and surrealism. In the near future, of course.

My inspiration comes from the moment. If I feel that something is interesting and I know how to show it – I’m just going to draw it.

Could you describe your childhood in 3 words, your adolescence in 3 words and how you currently feel about life/yourself in 3 words? (And to top that off!) Those words being said, what has been the most significant change in growing up that has kept you going and made you grow further?

Childhood : freedom, creativity, happiness

Adolescence : craziness, exploring, finding myself

Currently: Work, exploring, prudence

Life changed for me when I started traveling. It gave me so much knowledge, and helped me to find and create myself. If I hadn´t done it, I wouldn’t know what I want to achieve and where I wanted to be in some years. Getting to know all the different cultures, all the different personalities and getting adapt to some places and situations – it gives you really big perspective of looking at some things. It just depends if you open your mind for other things.


“If I want to be happy I have to follow the right directions that are making myself and things better.”


Best for last question! You’re so young, bright, positive, ambitious and fearless. What keeps you motivated everyday about your self worth, passions, and all the other day-to-day concerns/thoughts?

Okay it´s going to sound really cheap, but! Everyday when I wake up I’m thankful for the place where I am. I know it could be worse, and I know that I’m in really good position, I have amazing friends, family, I’ve got art and job which I like. I should take all opportunities which are given to me. If not now, when? We can’t waste our time to complain about the daily routine. There’s no time for that! If we don’t like it we should take steps to change it. We should be happy and thankful for things which we have and we shouldn’t be jealous about things which we don’t have. Always everything looks better somewhere where we aren’t. I´m focused on my goals and I’m not forcing myself to do things which I don’t want to. Everything happens for some reason, and everything is going to bring you good things, only if you’re doing it right. That are my main thoughts in life. If I want to be happy I have to follow the right directions which are making myself and things better. We need more positive sunshines on this planet! That’s why I love Spain. Everyone there has such a positive vibe.

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