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“OFF-LINE” – A hidden paradise

Shot in the jungles of Indonesia, “OFF-LINE” is the story of lost girl. Join her as she sets off on her day-trip to a hidden paradise as she finds peace, serenity and a break from the daily hustle. “OFF-LINE is a kick in the ass for all of us to remember the beauty that exists right outside of our walls. ” Josh explains. “The story of re-connecting with nature and discovering the beauty of detaching from the screens that we spent way too much time with”

Photographer – Josh Patil
Model – Joanne Mckay 
Swim – Ode & Rae



Photographer – Josh Patil / @joshpatil / www.joshpatil.com
Model – Joanne Mckay / @_joanne_mckay
Swim – Ode & Rae / @odeandrae