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“Fleurs: Between Us Two” – An experimental short film about a relationship gone wrong
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Video-Link: https://vimeo.com/246017156

The days that break you
are the days that make you.
The past they bring up,
they won’t build from it.

Montreal based film director Matt Grimard sharing his latest project, an experimental short film called *Fleurs: Between Us Two* starring the two protagonists Étienne Correia and Ariane Trépanier. “The film is a photo-novelesque visual experiment. It’s a narrative piece. The young man offers a poisoned chalice that calls for a tragic separation. All loops were created with micro sequences of frames. About 6-8 frames. Editing was made away from the computer using screenshot prints. The idea was to stuck both characters in micro-moments; in loops. To enlighten memories we live on.”