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Marisa Papen enjoys a day off in a finca – photographed by Jörg Billwitz (NSFW)

A finca [ˈfiŋka] (Spanish for an “estate”) is usually a farmhouse surrounded by the natural beauty of the country side. Marisa Papen enjoys a few days off in a truly beautiful finca in Port de Sant Miquel in the North of Ibiza which  features an original stone wall and old ceiling beams. Photographed by Jörg Billwitz.


Model – Marisa Papen
Instagram – @marisapapen.for.real
Facebook – www.facebook.com/MarisaPapen
Website – www.marisapapen.com
Photographer – Jörg Billwitz
Instagram – @billwitz
Facebook – www.facebook.com/billwitz
Website – joergbillwitz.de