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This story is all about that feeling of escaping to a place where dreams replace
reality. Here, summer never ends, so slow down, unwind, delete your worries and
refresh your mind. Pictures all taken on film on the magical Island Capri.

On this Island the breath-taking views are never the same because of the changing
weather, the moving ocean and boats passing by. Surrounded by a stunning nature,
beautiful details, sensual colours, cosy beaches and rocks combined with a nice
ocean breeze in the hot sun, makes you feel brand-new.

Being present is enough to experience a Sweet Escape, the rest happens by itself and
comes as a gift. So let yourself go and feel free, enjoy the sun, dance on the beach, get
a exotic drink, watch sunsets, kiss, smile, swim naked, kiss again, count the falling
stars, fall asleep, dream.

I can only wish for another Sweet Escape.

words and images by Frank van Bennekom