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“I am strongly attracted to people” David Maurel 

We introduced you to David Maurel last year. The french photographer is still working on his « Modern Tribes » series which is all about the youth of French council estates. “I work with my analog camera because I love the part of the magic, the unpredictable feeling of the grain like a nostalgia from the past. I am a purist when it comes down to taking pictures. I always choose natural light for my portraits and I always love to capture a beautiful sunset.” he explained us last summer. So what has changed?  “My work is still very minimalistic. And my my main focus is still portrait photography, as I am strongly attracted to people. I love to photograph my friends, musicians, dancers. I started to make music on my own because it´s an amazing way to express myself. I also quit smoking a few time ago, but I am still attracted to the vintage look of cigarettes and rock ´n roll mood. Bob Dylan, Jack London, and Serge Gainsbourg, yeah – they are my heroes. I love to be a photographer because it’s a challenge everyday day. And I am still trying to do my best picture, and to capture the best in other people.”