Dear Diary


“Dear Diary”

Dear diary
I remember when we first met
It was the first time I truly opened up
There’s something fun about having secrets
Secrets that I never thought I would share
Until my ink hit your first page

Dear Diary
Sometimes I find myself missing him
Wondering how life would be with him
Then I flick back to our first conversations and I remember the way it was

Dear Diary
Sometimes I think you know me better than I know myself
You hold my every emotion
My tears to my butterflies within you

Dear Diary
The words flow when I’m holding you
Parts of me pour out that I didn’t know existed

Dear Diary
Dear Me


Photography and Styling by David Collier – –
Model is Amelia –
Assistance by Natalie Koval –
Amelia is wearing Brave Babe –

words by Danni Jackson
Spoken by Soraya Ouzara –


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Photographer/Styling: David Collier – –
Model: Amelia –
Assistant: Natalie Koval –
Brand: Brave Babe –
Spoken by Soraya Ouzara –
words by Danni Jackson