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Life is in the Details

Life is in the details
The little things
Take a closer look!


Photography by Ethan Gulley starring Claire Walter


“Claire and I have only known each other for a little less than three years now, but she’s one of those people I feel like I’ve known for much longer. We’ve shot together at least a dozen times now and each time seems to be effortless and somehow better than the last. This time around we wanted to shoot something a bit different from the rest of our work and we were inspired by the 70´s and chose a location that reflected that. We’re excited about this set because it feels so true to us. Claire’s hair is messy and unwashed, and while we did take photos, we spent most of the day doing things we enjoy- listening to records, talking, and learning to heat a wood-fired hot tub.”


Model: Claire Walter

Photographer: Ethan Gulley – www.ethangulley.com
Ethan Gulley