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S O M E W H E R E – A fictional love story in 3 chapters

Jelena Gloria Milovanovic presents her new fiction love story starring Mario Vreco & Teodora Pejic of Demons Model Management.

“Photography represents my feelings; something that I have already seen, experienced, read or saw .
I get inspired by colours, music, films, books, art and so much more .
This is a really special project for me, because I am expressing all myself when I fall in love.
Yeah, I feel like Alice in wonderland trapped in a dreamy farytale.

This year I went back to my hometown after 10 years of traveling over the world. And the other day I just took a bike and I drove on the same road where I was driving as a child. A road to a lake. I played loud music.

It has been a while since I was thinking that I lost my way and that I wander arround the world because I lost someone that I love. And while I was on the same road as I have been as a child, I felt like I was trapped in a time machine. Why was it running out so fast?

This special moment started “million emotions in my body”. I started thinking about love, about my first kiss, about every little moment that made me happy while I was growing up.

I remembered this game that I was playing when I was a little girl. Every night before I went to sleep I closed my eyes and started to dream. Over the years I built myself a “perfect dreamy world”.

This is my inspiration of my new series “S  O  M  E  W  H  E  R  E”

“Somewhere” is a combination of scenes that really happened and my fantasies.



chapter 1.  Blue eyes

presents the perfect dream lover from my youth, blonde, crystal blue eyes. A guy that I could not find while I was a teenager.




chapter 2.   Reflection

This chapter was very important to me, because I was trying to find a girl that reflect myself from a fantasy world.

The truth is, in my youth I was never happy with myself. I wanted to “be a simple beauty”. I was shooting this chapter near by my house, and on the same road that leads to the lake.

Model carries on of my first cameras.




chapter 3. The lake ( it´s all about spark )

describes trough magic of light the connection between 2 people, I love to call it spark .

This episode is about holding hands, the first date & first kiss; what is right and what is wrong; about adrenaline that makes me feel like the happiest girl in the world.

For me, the first kiss is like standing on thin ice and melting over it. You never know if it´s going to crack down. But there it is… the spark! That beautiful little something…

…. the kiss ….. the sun went down and we were covered with stars. One step closer to him and the ice started cracking under our feets! Adrenaline! I am burning inside. That spark  … that warm feeling of connection! Hand in hand under the dark blue sky. I look at the stars. I am with him and with no sense for time.


Photography and Story by Jelena Milovanovic (@jelena_gloria)
Models: Teodora Pejic www.instagram.com/teodorapejic
& Mario Vreco www.instagram.com/mariovreco
special thnx to Demons Model Management www.instagram.com/demons_model_management