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CRSSD Festival: Two days filled with music and San Diego vibes

This spring brought around the 8th rendition of the always wild CRSSD Festival at Waterfront Park in San Diego. The sold out festival had more people than the ones before with entrance lines Saturday wrapping over a full city block long. Even on the cloudy rainy day, the CRSSD die hard fans were out in full form ready for another two days filled with music and cool San Diego vibes.

The Saturday crowd did feel different with a less sundresses and short shorts but bright leggings with cutoff tees and fur coats for warmth and ensemble. The canopies were set differently to give a tapestry style shade when hanging in the backs of Ocean View which brought more a crowd for earlier sets. The difference in each stage always brings depth to this festival. With the Palms having its house vibes with Nora En Pure and Walker and Royce.,the city steps getting grimey for the techno feels of Charlotee De Witte and Sasha brought out all the stops. Lastly Ocean View had the showstopper of performances, with Jai Wolf and Empire of the Sun who put on shows that we could only say were works of art.

The people are what truly bring this festival together. You get to see the style all walks of life from the desert style garb, furry freaks, to bad ass thrasher sweaters. The music is what they are all here for and this moment bring them together to dance into the San Diego Sunset and through the lights of the city steps of Waterfront through the night. CRSSD Festival Spring 2018 was definitely a success and always a solid storage of memories as we wait for the fall announcement to drop.

words and photography by Christopher Brown