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Across Canada with Aurélien Buttin

“What I have learned from traveling? I learned what my limits are, to approach people and learn how they live, what’s their opinion about their country and about the world. I also learned to respect nature and stop complaining about myself.”

Nothing is more beautiful than exploring the world. In all its beauty and unfathomability. The French photographer Aurélien Buttin takes us on a wonderful visual journey through Canada. “On the September 13th I landed in Montréal, Canada, with one idea on my mind, travel across the country to Vancouver. My first stop was Québec, the “French part”, and there I was trying to buy an old cheap car to make my road trip possible. My experience was that people from Québec are so nice and open minded, they party hard and are always smiling. Somehow it was a bit strange for me to see a typical Northern American city where everything is written in French, yet Montreal was an amazing experience and the perfect start for that trip.

Once I bought my Toyota Corolla from 1995 my first stop was Toronto, a business city but really pleasant. Then I reached the Niagara Falls, Disneyland for adults and of course the most amazing waterfalls as you can imagine. I continued to drive to Calgary, through the great lakes, passing breathtaking landscapes lost in the middle of the pine forest. On the road, in Alberta I got stuck in a huge snow storm during two days. Once in Calgary I hiked in the mountains with some people I met there, escaping the crowded cities to enjoy the stars. I hit the road again through the rocky mountains, Banff, Lake Louise and Lake Moraine, one of the most beautiful wild nature I’ve ever seen. To finally finish this part of the trip in Vancouver, a huge and peaceful city. Some roommates hosted me, and with a huge party, crazy and awesome people my trip came to a conclusion but will never be forgotten.”

words and photography by Aurélien Buttin