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A real take on London Fashion Week by Tanyel Jessie Arif

My first LFW, everything I expected & more… From the celebs, the hustle, the glamour, but also the art in people. Naturally you do come across the fortunate who dress up head to toe in Gucci to sit on the sidelines pretending they are someone of importance. But you also get the real people, the ones with the genuine passion for the Arts. The ones who see through the façade but also thrive off it at the same time. It was all those people in between who made it special for me. The creative world is a funny one, but nevertheless a way to meet great like-minded people who have a shared love as you. The beautiful thing I will treasure about shooting LFW alone was those rare moments of silence in a room full of thousands of people, admiring the fashion world. So involved, captured & almost possessed by fashion. A sense of community, this is my world. The fashion world.

*Backstage London Fashion Week with designers XU ZHI, Backstage EUDON CHOI & Backstage AADNEVIK images.*

Images and Text by Tanyel Jessie Arif