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Jamaican spirit with Knots & Vibes

London based label Knots & Vibes is inspired by travels around the Caribbean and takes influence from Jamaica’s vibrant dancehall culture fused with elements of Rastafarian style. Their values lie in ethical fashion, with a long term vision of working with artisans in Jamaica and supporting community development. Enjoy the new SS18 lookbook which is a wonderful burst of colours spreading magic and happiness featuring one of the most beautiful Jamaican women.



‘What I love most about Jamaica is the vibe, the energy – its unmatched by any other nation. The love of life that is presented in our culture – it’s like everything is going to be alright no matter what kind of oppression and problems you go through’ – Ashli, Kingston

‘Being a Jamaican woman means the world to me – it means I’m not afraid to cuss somebody out, it means i’ll always stand up for myself. There’s no struggle or adversity that I haven’t seen Jamaican women live and suffer through.. and they still come out the other side smiling, dancing and enjoying life.’ – Ashli, Kingston




‘It makes me proud to be from an island of only 3 million inhabitants and we’re able to make such a huge impact on the world – that’s something to be proud of.’ – Shernet, Portland




‘From i’m 7yrs old everyone knock mi dance, but I take it serious at the age of 17 and taught myself by watching videos and practicing every day. Being a female dancer is challenging in a way because there’s a lot of us in Jamaica but I’m happy to be part of the female gang. Dancing is life to me – without it i’m nothing.’ – Nikki, Mandeville




‘The best thing about Jamaican culture is the music- it comes with a different beat, a different vibration, a different settings and that’s what makes us different – we stand out.’ – Natasha, Saint Catherine




‘I love the Jamaican spirit. I think our country had such a tough history and has bred tough people full of confidence and creativity.’ –

‘Jamaican women are powerful leaders. They fiercely look after their families and are independent and strong. I grew up surrounded by women who own their bodies with confidence, command their own sexualities and didn’t take shit from anyone.’ – Tasmin, Kingston