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Catch the gaze with Ünal Usta

Eskişehir and Istanbul based photographer Ünal Usta started with photography when he was around 13 years young. “It happened because of the influence of one of my brothers I think. At that age I was very interested in street fashion, portrait photography and fashion photography. And when I started university I already had my first professional commissions.” he smiles.

His works exude something nostalgic, youthful and very natural. Captured in natural light and environment. “Currently I work on both photography and video. I do not like to use flash or artificial lighting in my photoshoots. I prefer to shoot in natural lighting. I do my shoots with Nikon D700 and 85mm f1.4 lens and Sony. Besides these I use Pentax P30 for my analog photographs. In my photoshoots it’s important for me to catch the gaze and the eyes of the model. I try to reflect my idea of the model’s personality to my work. The clothing and the accessories are also an important part. It’s necessary for me to have meaning and visual unity in my photographs and to achieve this is an crucial factor for me. I love photography and videography because I can create and recreate the characters and colors I have in my mind that I want to exist.”