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Californian Sun with Charlie and Steffan

Those summer days
out in the sun with
our friends

“We rolled into Venice Beach with four longboards and two awesome models that looked like they had Los Angeles, sun & sand written all over their faces, they were perfect.” tells photographer Phillip Skraba. “Charlie Schroeder and Steffan Argus– both with LA Models – are young, energetic, and ride longboards like they were born on them. Charlie has this Californian girl look to her, she is a total knockout, rolling around Venice Beach; everybody was checking her out. Steffan, handsome like every guy would want to be with hair like Weird Al Yankovic, and if you check his Instagram, a voice like a man-angel! We love simplicity and beauty, which is why we also brought along our good friends from Poland – Muuv., who suited Charlie perfectly! We rode all day, Charlie even took a dive into a few bushes trying to undertake Steffan, she got up, brushed herself off and rode on, she’s a tough cookie. Venice Beach and it’s canals were the perfect setting for such a fun shoot, which we finished off with ice cream to thank our models for being so awesome all day long in the burning Californian sun.”

“I started Spinners, our longboard company, with my partner in crime Sylwia.” he continues. “We make longboards in Poland as well as handmade oak cruisers that we sand, paint and varnish ourselves. We have a very simple and elegant style, black-white-grey, and we take pride in the fact that our decks are made with passion and love, and we use only the best components to get that super smooth ride. We do all the work ourselves, from designing the decks to taking photos of them. It’s something we love as much as riding them, which is even better as we know we made them ourselves. We love being out in the sun with our friends, and we believe the decks we create help bring people out to have fun.” Styling done by Sylwia Kosmala, makeup & hair by Martin Christopher and assistance by Dawid Rymar.


Photographer – Phillip Skraba (www.instagram.com/phillipskraba) (www.phillipskraba.com)
Model – Charlie Schroeder @lamodels (www.instagram.com/charlie_marie)
Model – Steffan Argus @lamodels (www.instagram.com/steffanargus)
Styling – Sylwia Kosmala (www.instagram.com/kosmalasylwia)
Makeup & hair – Martin Christopher (www.instagram.com/martinlanechristopher)
Assistant – Dawid Rymar (www.instagram.com/dextersphotolab)
Clothes – Muuv. (www.instagram.com/muuvapparel)
Longboards – Spinners (www.instagram.com/spinnerslongboards) (www.spinnerslongboards.com)