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Summer Magic above the roofs of Vienna

I can´t have enough of rooftop photography. Maybe the feeling of freedom is up there and everything can be surveyed. Like a bird that moves through the air dancing. “

“Our photo shoot came out quite spontaneously, at the beginning there were plans for photos taken in the center of Vienna, but at some point we came up with the idea of ​​entering one of the rooftops of the house where friends live.” explains photographer Nina Kowalska vel Kowalczyk about her newest C-Heads Exclusive starring gorgeous Russia model Nadya Deliu. “Eventually, the background with the sun in the blue sky, the roof with the amazing view and the charm of Nadya gave the pictures real summer-lazy Sunday magic.”




Model: Nadya Deliu – Instagram: @nadyadeliu – www.facebook.com/deliu.nadya
Photographer: Nina Kowalska vel Kowalczyk – Instagram: @ninakvk ; ninakvk.tumblr.com and ninakvk.com