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‘Guten Morgen, Berlin!’

Wake up with sunshine girl Carolina and photographer Lennart Bader (who also contributed with a beautiful Bali story to our new print issue) in a cozy sun-drenched apartment in Berlin.


“There are shoots that you plan for hours, days, even months. Meeting a clients expectations, realizing a vision you constantly have in mind but cannot put into words.There are so many things that can become obstacles to your process of taking pictures, that get stuck in your mind and hinder you from evolving.” tells Lennart. “And then there are some of these shoots where you don’t have a plan at all, where you just do as you please, as it feels right. What I love the most is spending time with people that are comfortable in front of my camera, so that I’m able to take pictures of that soul basically anytime I feel like it.

Just like this morning, getting woken up by the rising sun in our loft over the roofs of Berlin city. We had a job to attend, had to leave in about 10 minutes, but the light setting was too tempting not to use it.

So what happened is what usually happens in these situations: you shoot for 5-10 minutes, without a plan, completely spontaneous. And you still love the results, because after all it’s not a posed setting you capture, but an authentic and original mood and feeling you felt in that particular setting, in these particular 5-10 minutes.

I think more than anything else, it’s in shoots like these that I get the closest to what photography can actually make me feel and experience. And a certain someone told me once that this is what it’s all about – what you feel while creating. So I guess I will stick to these without-a-plan-shoots as often as I can.”


Model: Carolina // instagram.com/carolinalavinia
Photo: Lennart Bader // lennartbader.de // instagra.com/lennart.bader