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Surrounded by Palm Trees at Splash House Festival

Butts, butts, butts and wet butts! What a time gathering to be a part of where no matter you are into girls or guys, there are butts in beautiful swim-suits for two days of party. The summer Palm Springs heat was blaring this Splash House at 108 degrees F. The pools were packed as ever and the summer bangs kept everyone out dancing no matter the heat.

With three stages, Splash House is sometimes hard to decide. Do you hit Riveria with bass but swim up DJ? Or Siguaro with a combination of the best hotel rooms overlooking close to show with deep house melodies? Or do you go big with the Rennaisance to get the most bang for you buck at the largest venue? Either way you rolled your dice you met some of the best people, who were ready to dance and splash around.

With Palm Trees surrounding all the stages this brings in people from all over the country, most of the crowd was a San Diego or Los Angeles mix but there were likes from Seattle and daisy dukes from Austin. With such a success, we can only see ourselves falling back here shortly as round 2 rolls around in August.

words and photography by Christopher Brown