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 “My work orbits around one thing, FEELINGS.” Step in Martin Bohm´s colourful world.

The work of 26-year-old photographer Martin Bohm turns up as a colorful and sometimes surreal world. A melting together of vibrant art and photography, thought-provoking stories and dreamy sequences.

“My work orbits around one thing, FEELINGS – A whole lot of people suppress their feelings, who they are and who they want to be because of where they’re from and that’s not how it’s supposed to be. I had the opportunity to live in Barcelona for about a year and a half. The people I connected with and the colorful experiences I had allowed my mind to expand and blossom, I learned to love and feel.” explains the Västerås, Sweden based freelance photographer. “Now I want to open a portal to that – to the edged blur, the dark but vibrant, raw but euphoric and scary but rewarding world of feelings.

To open that portal I started working on an exhibition called ”NEONLAND”, it’s still a work in progress but the exhibition is getting closer. The idea is to question the norms of mental illnesses, drugs, ideals, genders and fashion. As well as highlighting the beauty in everyday objects, humanity’s uniqueness, the inner darkness and our not eternally blossoming mother nature.

It’s going to be vibrant, raw, vulnerable and include a whole lot of escapism filled with love and despair. It’s going to be honest and unretouched, because imperfect is perfection. I can’t wait to pour my heart out for everyone to see. And feel.”

IG: martinbohmphot