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Soulful tracks by female artists #4

Every month, Donna Arendse of Lekker Collective and Majestic Casual curates a wonderful playlist of soulful tracks by, or featuring, female artists.

It has been a while between drinks (a year, oops!), but the 4th playlist is a refreshing delving into some of the best tracks from 2017. Listen below:

Photo by Roberto Nickson (@g) on Unsplash



Shay Lia is a young Canadian-based artist who seems to work only with the Crème de la Crème of producers and artists, such as STWO, Kaytranada, and UK producer XO. The KAYTRANADA and BADBADNOTGOOD produced “Blue” is only her third official single, yet she seems to have achieved the perfect balance of modern, soulful music while having a truly authentic presence.

The melancholy guitar intro sets the melancholy tone, while the bass-line moves from well-placed, supplementary notes during the verse to a more driving melodic presence in the choruses. Shay Lia’s poetic lyricism works well with the tasteful production, as she plays with call and response and her husky vocal moves into falsetto with disarming ease.


Bamiyah – Better This Way


“It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be from your soul”. LA-based artist Bamiyah always brings forward a teetering, unique balance of swirling vocals and delicate production, and “Better This Way” is the perfect example. Showcasing her angelic RnB vocal strains amidst a decadent electronic soundscape as she laments some sort of loss, a dark time, and a consequent rebirth, this track is perfect for every mood.


Alcordo – No Good

Signed to JMSN’s White Room Records‘ label, Canadian songstress Alcordo hasn’t released nearly enough music to satisfy anyone looking to hear more. A collaboration with staRo for Soulection 4 years ago, an unlisted feature on label mate Pearl’s “I Know“, and two versions of her debut “No Good” is all we have to satiate our cravings for her effortlessly soulful, relate-able writing. Layered harmonies, an infectious bounce and heartbreaking lyrics are enough to have anyone hooked as we wait with baited breath for more.


SNOH AALEGRA – Nothing Burns Like The Cold (feat. Vince Staples)


Snoh Aalegra is an unmistakably vibrant talent out of Sweden. Now based in LA, the Persian/Swedish chanteuse has just released her debut album “Feels” to a whirlwind of critical acclaim. “Nothing Burns Like The Cold” is a chillingly perfect offering harking back to classical film soundtracks, with her Amy Winehouse-esque voice floating amongst thumping brass and swirling string sections. A brief, melodic verse from Vinces Staples further polishes off the already impeccable track.


Fatima – Technology (Prod. Oh No)


The last offering for this playlist is a track from Fatima which is 4 years old, but still as slick and smooth to the ear as ever. The walking bass line, dusty beats and conscious lyricism serves to ensure “Technology” will always remain relevant – a future classic which can only be faulted for it’s too-short duration.


Listen to the full playlist here: http://bit.ly/womenandsoul