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A day with Anna


Anna Litovka loves the sea and to travel the world. She just came back from Costa Rica. Recovered and full of sparkling memories.
Anna is an architecture student and model too.
Together with photographer Yoad Shejtman she had a fun day on their day trip to the north.
They stopped to drink milkshake and eat pancakes at the Rossa Diner. With lots of chocolate-sauce and vanilla cream.
On the way back, they stopped in a few nice places by the road – railway tracks, horse farms and beautiful dunes.
Their day ended up with a delicious burger.
Life can be so easy and beautiful.



Model: Anna Litovka (@annalitovka) – www.instagram.com/annalitovka
Photography: Yoad Shejtman (@yoadsh)  – www.instagram.com/yoadsh – yoadsh.tumblr.com